Welcome to the Office of the Provost, College of Humanities (CoH), University of Ghana. The Office oversees and supports the community of faculty, students and staff of the College of Humanities, and their shared values, by providing resources and infrastructure that encourage them to pursue excellence at every level. Together with the Deans and Directors of the College’s 6 schools, 11 centres and 4 research institutes, the Office of the Provost provides leadership to advance the academic and administrative goals of the College and the intellectual ambitions of the University of Ghana.


Professor Daniel Frimpong Ofori, a Professor of Management at the Department of Organisation and HR Management, is the second Provost of the College of Humanities, University of Ghana. As Provost, Daniel Frimpong Ofori is the academic and administrative head of the College and is responsible for:

  • The management of the College and for driving its growth and development
  • Coordinating the various units of the College
  • Raising funds for the College and
  • Implementing policy decisions affecting the College

 About the Provost

20+ years
in Teaching & HR Management

75 years of Contribution to Nation Building: The Role of the Humanities

In his opening remarks, Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori mentioned that the occasional University lectures (including inaugural lectures, public lectures, webinars, seminars, symposia) which were held annually Read more

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