The Departments of French and Modern Languages of the College of Humanities, University of Ghana’s School of Languages have relaunched the multilingual translation office Transbureau. The Transbureau, which has been in operation since 2004, has been relaunched for the purpose of increasing its visibility and also to advertise its essential services in languages to society. The newly refurbished office of the Transbureau was hence launched at a brief ceremony chaired by Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost of the College of Humanities.

Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost, College of Humanities and other dignitaries seated at the event.

Prof. IIdiko Csajbok-Twerefou, Head, Department of Modern Languages in her welcome address, stated that Language is the fabric that brings together human character, helps people to communicate, understand and relate with one another. Speaking on the Transbureau, Prof. IIdiko Csajbok-Twerefou, said that the Office plays a crucial role in the University of Ghana’s agenda to ensure multilingual education. The Office also continues to uphold the values of accuracy in translation, cultural sensitivity and linguistic vibrance. Prof. Csajbok-Twerefou mentioned, that the relaunch marks the beginning of a journey to incorporate technology and innovation to assist in the delivery of the mandate of the Transbureau and to empower translators to continue to provide essential services to the University and beyond. She therefore entreated management of the Transbureau to continuously provide efficient service to society.

Prof. IIdiko Csajbok-Twerefou, Head, Department of Modern Languages

In delivering the Chairperson’s remarks, Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori thanked all groups and individuals gathered for gracing the important ceremony. He expressed his pleasure at the special invitation to Chair the ceremony. Speaking on the University’s commitment towards the study of languages for global development, the Provost stated that the University of Ghana runs six international courses in six international languages; and a pivotal player in this commitment is the Transbureau that has been rendering language services, facilitating communication and knowledge dissemination across various disciplines and communities in Ghana and  the West African sub region.

According to Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, despite the essential services provided by the office over the years, there is still the need to do more. He mentioned that there is the need to make the Transbureau more visible and accessible, both within the University and outside and one of the ways to achieve this is by re-equipping the Office and relaunching it. As part of making the office more visible, Management of the Transbureau also came up with a strategic plan which will ensure the promotion of multilingualism, enhancement of multicultural understanding, facilitation of academic collaboration and support for community engagement. Provost concluded his remarks by commending the dedicated faculty who have played a role and continue to contribute towards the efficient running of the Office. On behalf of University Management and the College of Humanities, he thanked all the collaborators and all who made the ceremony a success.

Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost, College of Humanities during his speech.

The Chairperson’s speech was followed by a brief presentation by Management of the Transbureau. The presentation covered the history of the office, management, staff, services, languages, relevance of the office, its goals or prospects, challenges as well as recommendations. Historically, the idea of the Transbureau was conceived and promoted by Dr. V.A.O Lamptey in 2004. The office remained a mobile establishment until 2014 when it was allocated office space and staff.

Management of Transbureau during their presentation

The Transbureau provides services such as translation, interpretation, revision/editing, transcription, subtitling and voice over/dubbing in over eleven international languages, as well as Ghanaian languages. In response to the challenges of inadequate space, invisibility, understaffing and the non-streamlined nature of the language industry in Ghana, Management recommended the provision of more space, more visibility, recruitment of more staff and the passing of an Act of Parliament that will regulate the activities of language professionals in Ghana. Management of the Transbureau expressed its gratitude to the Provost of the College of Humanities, their collaborators and all others who have contributed to the continuous running of the office. Prior to the official relaunch of the Transbureau, goodwill messages were delivered by a number of the collaborators present. These include the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), the International Programs Office (IPO) of the University of Ghana, a representative of the Provost of College of Education and faculty members from the Department of French. The Transbureau was officially relaunched with a tape-cutting demonstration by Prof. Daniel F. Ofori. 

Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost, College of Humanities during the tape-cutting.

The well-attended ceremony was held at the Maison Francaise Conference Hall of the Reginald Amonoo Building, University of Ghana on 20th of July, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. 


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