The Department of Political Science, in partnership with Nasco Feeding Minds and Promo Esport, has commissioned two refurbished ICT learning centres, named after two of the oldest serving faculty members of the department. The two centres, the J.R.A. Ayee and K. Boafo Arthur E-learning centres are equipped with ultra-modern facilities and open to all students under the School of Social Sciences in the College of Humanities. In his welcome remarks, Dr. Seidu Alidu, the Head of the Department of Political Science, reiterated the University of Ghana’s vision of becoming a world-class research university. He indicated that in line with this, the College of Humanities, the School of Social Sciences and the Department of  Political Science are committed to providing effective teaching and learning resources that would support relevant research and extension services, within the ambit of dependable partnerships. The commissioning of the e-learning centres is an important step towards realising the University’s digitalisation agenda. He, therefore, expressed his profound gratitude to the donors for their support and contributions.

Dr. Seidu Alidu, Head, Department of Political Science, during his welcome remarks.

Mr. Seidu Nuhu Banasco¸ the Executive Director of Nasco Feeding Minds, who partnered with Promo Esport in donating forty-three computers for the learning centres, thanked the Department and the University for giving them the opportunity to contribute to the University’s modernization and digitalization agenda. He stated that the importance of ICT in education cannot be over-emphasized and, therefore, appealed to the University of Ghana to take the lead in starting the conversation on making ICT an autonomous subject of studies at both the junior and senior high school levels in Ghana.

Mr. Seidu Nuhu Banasco, Executive Director, Nasco Feeding Minds

Mr. Daniel Pages on behalf of Promo Esport, thanked the University of Ghana for accepting their partnership in youth development through sports and education. He hoped that this would be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Mr. Daniel Pages, Representative, Promo Esport

In brief remarks on behalf of himself and Prof. K. Boafo-Arthur (the honourees), Prof. J.R.A. Ayee thanked the Department of Political Science for recognizing them while they were still alive and encouraged everyone to serve diligently in whatever capacity they found themselves in, without any expectation of praise. In his experience, one's good deeds will always speak for themselves someday.

Prof. J.R.A. Ayee, Department of Political Science, an Honoree 

Prof. George Owusu, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, expressed delight at the initiative by the Department. He thanked Nasco Feeding Minds and Promo Esport for assisting with the project and took the opportunity to appeal for more support to expand the digitalisation efforts to other Departments within the School and the College.

Prof. George Owusu, Dean, School of Social Sciences

In his address, Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, the Provost of the College of Humanities, expressed his pleasure at the event honouring faculty who have served and continue to serve the University for over forty years. He lauded the outdooring of the e-learning centres as timely and a great opportunity to lay the foundation for the future. He indicated that the commissioning of the e-learning centres was just the beginning of preparing the current generation of students for the world of work and that “ICT is where everything is at”. The Provost further expressed his gratitude to Nasco Feeding Minds and Promo Esport for the provision of resources for the e-learning centres and indicated the College’s readiness to expand its partnership with Nasco Feeding Minds and Promo Esport, as well as opening new areas of collaboration with other stakeholders. 

Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost, College of Humanities 

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA), Prof. Gordon A. Awandare, who represented the Vice-Chancellor, applauded the Department of Political Science for the partnership. He also thanked Mr. Nuhu Banasco of Nasco Feeding Minds for the initiative and urged staff and students to ensure proper management and maintenance of the facilities and to make good use of the centres.

Prof. Gordon A. Awandare, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs

Present at the event were other Deans and Directors, Heads of  Departments, as well as faculty, students and staff from member departments of the School of Social Sciences, College of Humanities. The ceremony was held at the Department of Political Science on Thursday, 19th January 2023, at 9:00am.

Prof. Gordon A.Awandare,  Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs, in a group photograph with Prof. Daniel Frimpong Ofori, Provost, College of Humanities and other dignitaries at the event

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