The Provost of the College of Humanities invites all doctoral students along with all early career and mid career Faculty within the College to submit entries for the 2016 Provost’s Publication Awards, established to recognize outstanding published work by doctoral students and senior members in any of these categories.

How to apply

Applicants should choose one publication only to submit for assessment. Either sole authored or co-authored publications are eligible, and there is no restriction regarding the year of publication or the format of the work: scholarly book, research work, monograph, journal article, fiction, poetry, or publicly performed creative works including theatrical play, musical composition, choreographed dance production. Doctoral candidates are encouraged to submit published products that they have generated from their thesis work.

All material submitted for assessment should be provided in triplicate (as hard copy) in photocopy or offprint form—materials once submitted will not be returned to the applicant. The application package should include a cover letter and the applicant’s single page truncated version of their curriculum vitae including current contact details. The application materials should be addressed and delivered to:

Mr. Fred Kisseh
Secretary, College of Humanities Research Board
Assistant Registrar, Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD)
LECIAD Building 3rd Floor Room 301
+233 (0)20 815 5676

Eligibility Criteria

Doctoral students: Registered PhD candidates within the College of Humanities, University of Ghana, recognized prior to the date of application submission.

Early career faculty: Lecturers and Research Fellows affiliated with all units of the College of Humanities, who have been in the service of the University of Ghana, Legon, for not more than five years prior to the date of submission of the application.

Mid-career faculty: Senior Lecturers and Senior Research Fellows and Associate Professors in the College of  Humanities who have been in the service of the University of Ghana for a total of not more than ten years.

Award winners will be announced at the College of Humanities Research Conference in June 2016.

Enquiries about the awards, including details regarding submission of documentation for creative work suitable for academic assessment, may be sent to Mr. Fred Kisseh, Secretary, College of Humanities Research Board (contact details above). 

Further information about the awards may be found at the UG Humanities College website