Centre for European Studies

Welcome to the Office of the Director, Centre for European Studies (CES), University of Ghana. Legon. The Centre for European Studies was established by Council of the University of Ghana in June 2016, and started formal operations in August 1, 2016. The main objective for the establishment of the Centre is to encourage interdisciplinary study, research, debate and discussions regarding Europe. It is expected that the Centre will facilitate the training of new generation of scholars and experts in European studies in Ghana and the African region. 

It is also envisaged that the Centre will provide a platform for the conduct of innovative research, teaching and public outreach activities in the area of European Studies, and inspire interest in European affairs among Faculty and students of UG and beyond. Giving the importance of Europe in world politics, an understanding of the wider region of contemporary Europe is vital for the quest to provide a holistic perspective on issues affecting major countries in the world in an attempt to broaden the horizon of students and faculty of the University.

Once again, you are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact me directly (revgyampo@ug.edu.gh; vangyampo@yahoo.com; Tel: 0244277275) for more information about CES.

Thank you

Dr. Ransford Edward Van Gyampo
Centre for European Studies
University of Ghana, Legon
Tel: 0244277275
email:revgyampo@ug.edu.gh; vangyampo@yahoo.com